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Writing & Photographs

I write as I photograph—from islands of memory and awareness. Past isn’t a continuous flow of memory but highlights and shadows on water. I walk through the world absorbed in interior space, blend into the environment until my attention is caught and held. I am of and in.

I absorb the scene, act instinctively as light transforms, people move, wind gusts and stills.
Like a dance, or being onstage when everything is working, I become other.

Writing images appear in my mind. They develop over time until ready to be inscribed. Editing is like working on a play: read throughs, rehearsals, character development, finding voice, style of movement, blocking. In the end it’s the same.

In both early and recent photographs I used multiple exposures to combine ideas, time, or experiences. I try to do this as witness not commentator, overlapping concerns and different realities.

I am actor, dancer, photographer, writer who responds to the world through whatever medium I’m using. I work with a cascade of images given to me by fate: family, other creatures, landscapes, world.
Carole Harmon
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curriculum vitae

1947 born in Calgary, raised in Banff, AB, Canada


2017 Vancouver Manuscript Intensive
2016 Simon Fraser University Writers Studio Diploma, Poetry
1973 The Banff Centre, Certificate in Visual Communication
1969 University of Alberta, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre

Selected Exhibitions

2013 Turning the Page, an exhibit of handmade books, Sunny Ravens Gallery, Canmore Canada
2011 the Rainbow Mountains Expedition, Centennial Exhibition , Harmon Gallery, Banff Canada
2010 Flora, Exploring the Divine Feminine, with Lynn Swift, Harmon Gallery, Banff, Canada
2010 Exhibition of Hand Made Artist Books, Sunny Ravens Gallery, Canmore, Canada
2009 Edge of the Wild, Harmon Gallery, Banff, Canada
2009 Passing Through Fire, Wildfire as Metaphor and Inspiration: Harmon Gallery, Banff, Canada
2004 Out of the Wildfire, group exhibition, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Canada
2003 Source, artist residency and exhibition, Num-ti-jah Lodge, Canadian Rockies
1978-84 In Mountain Light - The Photographs of Byron Harmon 1906-1935, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Canada, N. American tour


Works held in private and corporate collections in Canada, the USA, and Europe

Cultural Businesses

2013 Carole Harmon Online www.,
1991-98 Nature Works and Wild Elements retail stores and gallery, Banff, Alberta, Canada
1979-01 Altitude Publishing Ltd., co-founder, co-publisher, photographer, editor, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Selected Publications

2012 A Delicate Art, Artists, Wildflowers and Native Plants of the West, Mary-Beth Laviolette, Rocky Mountain Books, Victoria, BC, Canada
2011 the Rainbow Mountains Expedition, Centennial Viewbook of Byron Harmon photograph, Carole Harmon Editions, Banff, Canada
1984 Heart of the Rockies, Altitude Publishing Ltd., Banff, Canada
1982 Diamond in the Wilderness, photo editor, Jon Whyte text, Altitude Publishing, Banff, Canada
1982 Rockies,1 ed. English, French, German and Japanese, Altitude Publishing Ltd., Banff, Canada
1978 Great Days in the Rockies, the Photographs of Byron Harmon, Oxford University Press, Toronto, Canada
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