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Writing & Photographs

I write as I photograph—from islands of memory and awareness. Past isn’t a continuous flow of memory but highlights and shadows on water. I walk through the world absorbed in interior space, blend into the environment until my attention is caught and held. I am of and in.

I absorb the scene, act instinctively as light transforms, people move, wind gusts and stills.
Like a dance, or being onstage when everything is working, I become other.

Writing images appear in my mind. They develop over time until ready to be inscribed. Editing is like working on a play: read throughs, rehearsals, character development, finding voice, style of movement, blocking. In the end it’s the same.

In both early and recent photographs I used multiple exposures to combine ideas, time, or experiences. I try to do this as witness not commentator, overlapping concerns and different realities.

I am actor, dancer, photographer, writer who responds to the world through whatever medium I’m using. I work with a cascade of images given to me by fate: family, other creatures, landscapes, world.
Carole Harmon
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